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About Me

Nicole (Vanden Bosch) Minney is a horn teacher and performer in the mid-Michigan area. She is currently pursing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at Michigan State University. She completed her Master of Music in Music Performance at Michigan State University in 2018 and her Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education and Music Performance at Western Michigan University in 2016. Nicole is now the Adjunct Professor of Horn at Olivet College, the horn instructor at Grand Ledge, Haslett, and Okemos Schools, and is the horn instructor with the Michigan State University Community Music School.  She is a member of the Midland Symphony and regularly performs with the West Michigan Symphony, Jackson Symphony, and Traverse Symphony. Nicole's teaching focuses on using creativity to learn horn technique in order to becoming life long participators in music.

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Horn Lessons

Making Learning More Enjoyable

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Private Horn Lessons

One on One After School Lessons

The best way to master the horn is with private horn lessons. Choose either 30 or 60 minute weekly lessons to participate in solo and ensemble, compete in solo competitions, get ready for high school band, and prepare for college auditions and community bands.

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Group Horn Lessons

Improve Your Horn Program

Host regular group lessons or sectionals during the band class. Give every horn student individual attention. Focus on scales, lip slurs, the harmonic series, and listening. Recruit beginners and start your new horns with specialized instruction. Prepare your high school students for exposed festival parts and start a horn ensemble for solo and ensemble festival.

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Horn Clinics

Recruit Horn Players into Your Program

Show off the horn's full performance capabilities to potential horn players. Have a one time sectional to boost those festival passages. Demonstrate exercises to increase range, flexibility, and extended techniques.


Featured Comment from Band Directors: 

"[Student] just came in [for his audition] and was SPECTACULAR! Like, flawless. Seriously impressive stuff coming from that young man. You should be exceptionally proud - excellent teaching!"

Featured Comment from Students:

"I really liked taking lessons from you. I liked that we didn't waste time, that I always learned something, and that you helped me with school-related music. I think you're doing a very good job as a teacher."

Featured Comment from Parents:

"I have appreciated your terrific communication, the newsletters, how well you have worked with [my child], and all the positive things he says about his lessons. Your positive influence on him was evident from the very first lesson."​

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Contact Me

Summer lessons are currently underway. These lessons are scheduled on a week by week basis. Check back here in August, 2022 for Fall's Google Sign Up to register for regular lessons over the school year.

Lansing, MI, USA


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