Horn Lessons

Private and Group Lessons, and Day Clinics

​Every student who has the desire to learn and work hard should have access to the education and teacher to reach their fullest potential.  My goal is to teach students a new skill, encourage them to form their own creative identities, and to ultimately make them lifelong appreciators of music by studying music theory, aural skills, and music performance.  The focused and individualized lessons allow for a safe learning environment for musical experimentation and growth to help young musicians reach their goals. Lessons focus on creative problem solving techniques to encourage critical thinking while in the practice room. 

​Lessons move at the pace students want to move at; the more students practice, the more in depth we are able to go into music and the horn. I believe that music is one part of who we are as people; students should try new things, activities, sports, and theater while they participate in lessons, and I am happy to work with these schedules the best I can. 

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Comments About Lessons

Working to meet your goals.

"[Student] just came in [for his audition] and was SPECTACULAR! Like, flawless. Seriously impressive stuff coming from that young man. You should be exceptionally proud - excellent teaching!"

Director of GL Bands

"Lessons are very informative but fun at the same time. I learned a lot of new and useful techniques that I've continued to use through the school year. I never feel like I've been judged or held to an impossible standard."

"The lessons are really well done and obviously well thought out. I have fun with them and look forward to them every week!"

Private Lessons Students

"I have appreciated your terrific communication, the newsletters, how well you have worked with [my child], and all the positive things he says about his lessons. Your positive influence on him was evident from the very first lesson."​

"I appreciate you being willing to work with us on our every changing schedule. It was very helpful to meet at the locations that suited us on a particular day. [My child] said your teaching style, compared to her other two private instructors, was the best match for her."

Parents of Horn Students

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Student Accomplishments

Practice Makes Habit

Second place winner of the Sigma Alpha Iota Paving the Way for Young Musicians Solo Competition - Featuring a solo performance at the festival and scholarship prize money.

Interlochen Fine Arts School Summer Horn Institute Camp Attendant

Western Michigan University's Summer SEMINAR Attendant

Michigan Youth Arts Festival Orchestra Participant.

Audition winners for the Spartan Youth Wind Symphony

Participants in the Michigan Middle School All State Band.

Participants in the District 8 Honors Band

Participant in the Jackson All County Band

Blue Lake Summer Camp scholarship awards


Student Performances

Pamela Marshall's Isolde's Garden

The Grand Ledge Horn Studio performs Pamela Marshall's Isolde's Garden for the 2019 Spring Private Lessons Recital.

Featuring Nicole Minney on first horn, Kelly M. on second horn, Devin W. on third horn, and Andrew W. on fourth horn.


Lessons Policies

By taking a private lesson, online or in person, you are agreeing to the following policies.

Private Lessons:

Horn lessons will be offered either completely online or in a hybrid format alternating weeks of online (Zoom) lessons and in person lessons. In person lessons will take part outside, weather permitting. Students will be responsible for the following for in person lessons:

A working, well maintenance double horn

Valve Oil

Slide Grease

A music stand

A chair

A towel for instrument water

A mask to wear whenever playing isn’t happening

Tonal Energy Tuning App, or a metronome/tuner of equal capacity.

It is highly recommended and well recognized that consistent, weekly lessons is the best way to learn an instrument. However, if you do not want to partake in online lessons and would only like to take in person lessons, you may enroll for lessons every other week. In order to maintain the same output as weekly lessons, it is highly recommended that you enroll for 60 minute lessons if you decide to go every other week.

I will send an email each Sunday reminding you if the coming week is in person or online. I recognize this isn’t the easiest schedule to follow and I am going to do my best to help you remember when lessons are.

Online Lessons:

Online lessons will take place over the app Zoom. An invite to the Zoom meeting will be sent at least five minutes before the scheduled start time. You may enter the waiting room when you would like, but I will let you into the lesson when your scheduled time begins.

If you have an issue with the Zoom link, email me as soon as possible. Do not continuously try to get the link to work. If you wait until you receive my “missed you” email, it is too late. I cannot extend your lesson time past the scheduled time because I have other students and obligations surrounding your lesson. If you email me as soon as a problem occurs, I can send you a new link and we can get started right away. Don’t forget, Zoom requires a password to enter a meeting.

Note: Zoom is difficult, although certainly not impossible, to hear fine details in sound. Spring and summer lessons students have still made great progress over Zoom despite this difficulty. However, I recommend getting a USB microphone. 

I fully recognize the difficulties associated with taking lessons online and I have compensated for this by cutting my in person rate in half for these online meetings. The following payment and absentee policies all remain the same even though your lesson is online.

Payment and Absentee Policies:

Lessons will be scheduled for a recurring, consistent time each week, regardless if the lesson takes place in person or online. Teacher absences will be made up later the same week, typically on Fridays. Planned student absences will be made up as time and availability allows. No call no show lessons, defined later, will not be refunded, made up, nor rescheduled.

Lesson payments are due before the start of each lesson. It is highly encouraged that you pay for lessons at the beginning of the month for the full month. You may pay with cash, a check made out to “Nicole Minney”, or with the PayPal Venmo App to the username @nicoleminney.

Lessons are priced:

·  In Person 30 Minutes: $20

·  Online 30 Minutes: $10

·  In Person 60 Minutes: $40

·  Online 60 Minutes: $20

For example, a hybrid model of 30 minute lessons with four lessons in a month would be $60 at the start of the month.

Notice: When you sign up for a “30 minute lesson” you are signing up for a 30 minute time block. For example, if your lesson is from 3:00-3:30, you have reserved a 30 minute time block. Your lesson will begin at 3:00 and end at 3:30. In order to preserve the schedules of other students, if you are late and arrive at 3:05, your lesson will still end at 3:30.

Please notify me with an eight hour notice if you are going to miss your lesson to avoid a no call no show label. If you are feeling ill, we can always change your lesson to online with no problem.

Lessons will not occur on school holidays. Lessons scheduled to occur on a school holiday will only be made up by request of the student.

I will notify you when scheduling for a semester begins. Claiming a lesson time will be first come, first serve. We haven’t had any problems with this method so far, but please let me know if you have any concerns.

No Call No Show Lessons:

A no call no show lesson is defined as the following:

·  Being over ten minutes late to your lesson.

·  Not notifying me of your absence eight hours in advance.

In the event of a no call no show lesson, I will email parents and the band teacher, when applicable, ten minutes into the scheduled lesson time to make sure everything is alright and to notify you about the missed lesson. Once this email is sent, the lesson is over and it will not be rescheduled, made up, or refunded.

If you accrue three no call no show lesson in a semester (roughly a four month period), we will reevaluate scheduling regularly recurring lessons.

Please note: The no call no show policy is designed to protect your time and mine. A few minutes notice is not enough time and will still count as a no call no show. I create my entire schedule around lessons and if you simply do not show up, that’s time I could have, for example, spent having dinner. Each case of no call no shows will be taken into consideration individually.

Practice Habits:

Lessons will move at the student’s pace and they will always meet you with where you are. However, a horn lesson is not practicing, it is a check-in with how your practicing is going in order to continue to help you grow. In order to be the most successful on an instrument, you will need to practice regularly. I recommend practicing six days a week for the length of your lesson time. If you are enrolled in a 30 minute lesson, please plan to practice 30 minutes a day. Only practicing for hours the day before your lesson, will not help you become the best musician you can be.

Performance Opportunities:

To become a well-rounded musician, it is important to seek out regular performance opportunities and participate in events like solo and ensemble, solo competitions, community performances, and studio recitals. Each solo performance will require a piano accompaniment, unless otherwise notified, and parents should be prepared to spend $50 to hire a pianist for every solo performance. If you have trouble finding a pianist, I will recommend one to you.

The Comet Horn Ensemble:

The Comet Horn Ensemble will meet every other week at Grand Ledge, in person. Although it is unlikely we will be able to have traditional performances this year, I am working on putting together video performances at the end of each semester.

Attendance, like any ensemble and team sport, at CHE is required. The success of the ensemble is directly dependent on regular attendance, especially because music will be assigned as one member per part. That being said, do NOT come if you are even a little bit sick.

Enrollment in CHE is for any Grand Ledge High School Horn Student. Payment does not depend on rehearsal time, rather, it is attached to your weekly lesson payment. This is the new payment scale if you are enrolled in CHE.

·  No Private Lesson Enrollment (Just CHE): $12

·  In Person 30 Minutes: $28

·  Online 30 Minutes: $10 (Doesn’t change)

·  In Person 60 Minutes: $45

·  Online 60 Minutes: $20 (Doesn’t change)

For example, a hybrid model of CHE enrollment and 30 minute lessons with four lessons in a month would be $76.