Horn Lessons

Private and Group Lessons, and Day Clinics

​Every student who has the desire to learn and work hard should have access to the education and teacher to reach their fullest potential.  My goal is to teach students a new skill, encourage them to form their own creative identities, and to ultimately make them lifelong appreciators of music by studying music theory, aural skills, and music performance.  The focused and individualized lessons allow for a safe learning environment for musical experimentation and growth to help young musicians reach their goals. Lessons focus on creative problem solving techniques to encourage critical thinking while in the practice room. 

​Lessons move at the pace students want to move at; the more students practice, the more in depth we are able to go into music and the horn. I believe that music is one part of who we are as people; students should try new things, activities, sports, and theater while they participate in lessons, and I am happy to work with these schedules the best I can. 


Comments About Lessons

Working to meet your goals.

"[Student] just came in [for his audition] and was SPECTACULAR! Like, flawless. Seriously impressive stuff coming from that young man. You should be exceptionally proud - excellent teaching!"

Director of GL Bands

"Lessons are very informative but fun at the same time. I learned a lot of new and useful techniques that I've continued to use through the school year. I never feel like I've been judged or held to an impossible standard."

"The lessons are really well done and obviously well thought out. I have fun with them and look forward to them every week!"

Private Lessons Students

"I have appreciated your terrific communication, the newsletters, how well you have worked with [my child], and all the positive things he says about his lessons. Your positive influence on him was evident from the very first lesson."​

"I appreciate you being willing to work with us on our every changing schedule. It was very helpful to meet at the locations that suited us on a particular day. [My child] said your teaching style, compared to her other two private instructors, was the best match for her."

Parents of Horn Students


Student Accomplishments

Practice Makes Habit

Second place winner of the Sigma Alpha Michigan Youth Arts Festival Orchestra Participant.

Sigma Alpha Iota Paving the Way for Young Musicians Solo Competition - Featuring a solo performance at the festival and scholarship prize money.

Audition winner for the Spartan Youth Wind Symphony

Participant in the Michigan Middle School All State Band.

Participants in the District 8 Honors Band

Participant in the Jackson All County Band

Blue Lake Summer Camp scholarship awards


Student Performances

Pamela Marshall's Isolde's Garden

The Grand Ledge Horn Studio performs Pamela Marshall's Isolde's Garden for the 2019 Spring Private Lessons Recital.

Featuring Nicole Minney on first horn, Kelly M. on second horn, Devin W. on third horn, and Andrew W. on fourth horn.


Lessons Policies

Let's Work Together

Expectations for Me

  • When it comes to instruction, you will always receive the best from me.

  • You and your student will always be treated with respect.

  • Communication with me will always be easy and efficient through email.

  • The lesson will start and end on time.

  • I will adapt the curriculum and goals to your student’s individual needs to help make them their best.

Expectations for You

  • Communicate your schedule with me ahead of time.

  • Be on time to all lessons, performances, and any other appointments with all the appropriate materials, i.e. instrument, mouthpiece, music, notebook, and pencil.

  • Ensure that your student is practicing at home and comes to their lesson prepared and ready to learn.

Payment and Absence Policy

  • Lesson fees are available by request.

  • Payment will be made on a monthly basis and due at the start of the first lesson of the month with cash or check made out to Nicole Vanden Bosch.

  • Teacher absences will be made up in the same month or payment will be refunded with check or credited to the next month.

  • Planned student absences, absences with a 24 hour notice, will be made up in the same month.

  • A sudden cancellation or a no-call-no-show lesson will not be made up or refunded. 

    • A no-call-no-show lesson is defined as a lesson where the student does not attend their lesson and I am not have not told about it ahead of time.

    • In the event of a no-call-no-show, I will email you 15 minutes into the lesson to make sure nothing is wrong and to notify you that your student is not at their lesson.

    • After this email, the lesson will not take place that week, it will not be made up, and it will not be refunded.

    • If the lesson is held at a host school, the primary band teacher will be copied onto the no-call-no-show email.

  • Lessons will not be held on school holidays, lessons on school holidays will not be made up unless requested.

  • Please be prepared to be active in performances. Please be prepared to spend up to $50 in accompanist fees on each solo performance your student participates in (i.e. solo and ensemble, state solo and ensemble, studio recitals, and solo competitions). Please be prepared to spend $20 a semester on methods books, repertoire, and/or technology.



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